Guide on How to Write PESTLE Analysis

Guide on How to Write PESTLE Analysis

Nowadays, almost every company can operate in any country, thanks to internationalization and globalization. However, there are certain conditions to consider before opening a branch in a new place. This article from the ‘write my paper‘ service contains an extensive guide on the PESTLE analysis, which is fundamental for understanding the possibilities for entrepreneurship in a country.

Whenever you carry out the PESTLE analysis for business, you automatically get acquainted with the chosen place’s peculiarities. If top managers research beforehand, they might face severe consequences like low profits or even the inability to work under certain circumstances.



Everybody would probably agree that interest rates or health and safety laws affect business regardless of its field and other specific characteristics. Also, political instability can cancel out a country’s positive aspects of high technological awareness. Moreover, inflation rates and buying trends determine the decisions of a business owner who does strategic planning.

All of the factors mentioned above are a drop in the business environment. To avoid chaos, scientists systematized the determinants of the climate where a business operates. Hence, every PESTLE analysis example becomes a detailed critical analysis of the company’s surroundings that affect its performance.

What Are the Components of the PEST

The more concise version of PESTLE analysis is PEST. Although it covers fewer internal and external factors, it still gives factual information about the following determinants:

  1. Political factors

Indeed, political factors are one of the first to consider when entering a new market. If a country can boast its political stability, it instantly becomes attractive to numerous investors worldwide. An entrepreneur wants to be sure that the current government is interested in creating a safe environment for foreigners.

  1. Economic factors

The second influential segment includes economic factors. Everything from interest rates and exchange rates to the percentage of annual economic growth and trade tariffs has an impact. So, naturally, economic instability scares away potential investors.

  1. Social factors

Next, a company’s management assesses social factors. Here, aspects like population growth rate, health consciousness, or age distribution determine the appeal of the business environment. The enterprise needs lots of skilled workers and potential buyers to operate successfully.

  1. Technological factors

Why do technological factors matter for businesses? Let’s say that a company originates from a country where many new technologies, like artificial intelligence, are usual. Adjusting to the new environment could be complicated if the firm chooses a place with fewer technology incentives.

What Is PESTLE Analysis Used For

PESTLE analysis helps calculate possible risks and profits. First, political factors determine whether the country is open to new ventures. Second, economic factors show how prosperous the place is. Third, the category of social factors reflects the demand for a product or service. Finally, the level of technology and legal factors demonstrate how climate change or global warming might affect your business decisions.

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PEST Analysis Examples

Are you looking for a sample paper on PESTLE factors? Here, you can find a suitable PESTLE analysis template highlighting a business’s economic, social, technological, legal, and other factors. Generally, a high-quality PESTLE analysis example includes consumer protection laws, employment laws, or corporate social responsibility. In the current economy, strategic thinking is a good competitive advantage for every specific business. Indeed, all PESTLE components help better understand buying habits, trade restrictions, technological change, etc.

PESTLE Analysis of Apple

Strategic decision-making for a technological giant must include examining political, economic, social, and technological factors. Undeniably, the PESTLE analysis of Apple helps to build a proper business plan for operating in other countries like China.

  1. Political factors

Political stability is one of the essential components of the external environment. While Apple has zero issues with safety regulations or fiscal policies, it may suffer from international conflicts. The trade war between China and USA perfectly illustrates how governments affect companies’ performance. First, China’s decreasing scale of cheap manufacturing leads to higher production costs. Also, both countries raise import taxes, that increase the product cost.

  1. Economic factors

Since Apple products are on the pricey side, determinants like economic growth and purchasing power are important for successful ventures in foreign countries. Nowadays, Asian countries like China demonstrate stable growth of gross domestic product and increasing buying power of their citizens. Consequently, opening new branches in prosperous places might increase profits.

  1. Social factors

Another component of PESTLE analysis for business are social specifics of the target country. For instance, in places like China, population growth rates exceed expectations. Therefore the enterprise gets enough workers and consumers. Moreover, Apple’s marketing efforts make people perceive their products as luxury. So, the buyers’ desire to show high status can boost the demand among the Asian population. However, the US trade war with China may also negatively affect Apple sales.

  1. Technological factors

The next segment of the PESTLE model covers technological advancements. For Apple, external factors like the level of technological development are critical. Companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, and Lenovo fight for bigger market shares by implementing innovations. At the same time, Apple barely comes up with anything revolutionary in their gadgets, so their target audience often chooses other brands.

  1. Legal factors

The legal macro environment often includes safety laws or patent laws and other legislation regarding any business activity. Apple has a strong brand, so to maintain a good public image, this company avoids getting into law scandals. Still, this business takes risks by working with music and software that has copyright and patent protection. In case of a lawsuit, the loyalty of Apple customers may suffer drastically.

  1. Environmental factors

The final segment of the PESTLE analysis studies environmental issues like climate change or environmental regulations. For instance, Apple can generally withstand global warming or other weather changes by placing its factories in safe areas. However, the strict environmental policy of countries like China makes Apple make environmentally friendly choices in its production processes, like ditching lithium batteries. This way, the brand can maintain an even better reputation in the target country.

Overall, the PESTLE analysis has shown the aspects of the macro environment that affect Apple’s performance abroad. In addition, the examination has demonstrated both drawbacks and advantages of the company’s policy. Although Apple has to adjust to the changing environment to stay relevant, it still has multiple strong sides.

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McDonalds PESTLE Analysis

Whenever prominent corporations want to operate in a wider business environment, they study the economic, technological, legal, and environmental state. In other words, a company wants to know what to expect in a new market. The information about  these determinants and even more is available in the Mcdonalds PESTLE analysis:

  1. Political factors

Since Mcdonald’s is the largest and most famous fast food company, most of its concerns connect to food safety. Many countries have stricter safety standards than the US, Mcdonald’s place of origin. For this reason, the corporation has to align with the local legislation or avoid opening branches where losses can exceed profits. More risky regions in terms of policy would be Middle Eastern or Asian countries.

  1. Economic factors

If we talk about the economy as the next criterion of the external environment, the circumstances differ from country to country. As an illustration, the recently slowing economic growth in Eastern Europe is a drawback for the local Mcdonald’s restaurants. On the contrary, the steady growth of the economy in Western Europe and developing countries is a good sign. Nonetheless, employees rarely use Mcdonald’s to satisfy their career attitudes. Therefore, a high employee turnover rate causes losses for the company.

  1. Social factors

Mcdonald’s views cultural preferences as a crucial social factor, so the chain adapts to people’s tastes in different regions. An example of such adaptation is the famous Japanese menu with lots of rice and fish. Likewise, the Indian Mcdonald’s branch caters to the mostly vegetarian tastes of citizens, and so on. However, the trend for a healthy lifestyle and weight loss might threaten the company, so it needs to change its strategy.

  1. Technological factors

In recent years, Mcdonald’s has tried to keep up with worldwide technology trends. This strategy helps the fast food corporation to boost demand in all countries. One of the greatest high-tech implementations was the sensory screens for ordering food. This decision allowed to attract more customers who wanted more menu positions. In the pandemic period, contactless restaurant options became even more topical. Further automatization would be a winning strategy for Mcdonald’s.

  1. Legal factors

One of the biggest legal issues for Mcdonald’s branches worldwide would be changing employment laws, especially the increase of minimum wages. In this case, changes are inevitable, so the management should think of redistributing the profits correctly. Next, it’s the company’s priority to follow the changes in laws of every country. Sometimes, governments ban certain ingredients or toys from Happy Meals.

  1. Environmental factors

Regarding the ecology, the management of Mcdonald’s actively shows their awareness of environmental issues. Becoming more environmentally friendly is the company’s objective. For instance, Mcdonald’s tries to switch to only recyclable packaging to decrease pollution. Also, the local restaurants in many regions prefer to use energy-efficient technologies. Yet, there is an even worse ecology issue, global warming. The changing weather conditions might lead to a shortage of food and disruption of supply chains.

The detailed PESTLE analysis for business helps its top managers make proper decisions on both new and usual markets. Foreseeing the dangers and opportunities is essential for a company’s success.

Coca Cola PESTLE Analysis

Managers interested in discovering new markets have to employ PESTLE analysis for business. As an illustration, Coca Cola PESTLE analysis examines political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental conditions.

  1. Political factors

Like any other food or beverage company, Coca-Cola works under country legislation, specifically consumer protection laws, copyright laws, etc. Governments naturally aim to prevent any harmful products from entering the market. Luckily for Coca-Cola, most countries allow their drinks on the shelves of their shops. But, there are circumstances like sanctions, which make trade and investment impossible in certain regions. For Coca-Cola, such restricted areas are Cuba, North Korea, and Russia.

  1. Economic factors

Indeed, the Coca-Cola brand is the first that comes to mind when you think of sweet beverages. This fact is hardly surprising since the company owns half the market share, leaving only fifty percent for all its competitors. Overall, the demand for this drink is steady in most countries, yet some trends can change the situation. As everybody knows, Coca-Cola drink is far from healthy. Consequently, people who shift to a more nutritious low-sugar diet might stop buying the beverage, causing lower profits.

  1. Social factors

Because Coca-Cola operates in so many countries, it has to adjust its marketing strategy to the socio-cultural aspects of every nation. But, by far, its attempts were successful and led to the popularization of the brand worldwide. One of the examples is the creation of unusual tastes in certain countries. Japanese consumers, for instance, highly appreciate the green tea taste and lemon Coke. Besides, Coca-Cola sold bottles with names, and people liked them. So, naturally, sales went up in all regions.

  1. Technological factors

A beverage giant like Coca-Cola manages to draw people’s attention from all age categories, but it mostly caters to the younger generation. So how does this brand attract more consumers in such a competitive market? Coca Cola uses modern technologies to its advantage. Besides working on the drink, the company heavily invests in social media marketing. The hashtags and online games aim to gain more buyers who want to be cool and trendy.

  1. Legal factors

The Coca-Cola Company is famous for the secret formula of its drink. The brand has zero problems with patents or copyright, but the issues emerge from the other side. Coca-Cola is unfortunately notorious for mistreating its workers, who even protested against its unfair policy. What is more, there were even rumors about racial discrimination. So, the company has to work in this direction to clear its image.

  1. Environmental factors

As the biggest soft drinks producer in the world, Coca-Cola faces several accusations from eco-activists. Water shortage is the first problem that arises in places where the company places its factories. Statistically, Coca-Cola is the largest consumer of fresh water, so it drains its supplies everywhere. The issue is especially severe in countries that suffer from droughts, like India. Another problem to work on is plastic pollution due to piles of Coca-Cola bottles. Recyclable materials would be an awesome alternative.

PESTLE analysis for a business like Coca-Cola builds the most efficient strategy. Proper steps help to avoid pitfalls and secure market position.

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PESTLE Analysis for Amazon

Luckily for people who love to shop comfortably, services like Amazon exist to meet their needs. This global leader in e-commerce gains customers’ trust thanks to its smart tactical and strategic plans. The management uses PESTLE analysis for Amazon, which shows the company’s strong and weak sides:

  1. Political factors

Paving the way into multiple countries’ markets means dealing with the local political environment. On the one hand, Amazon thrives in developed regions that can boast political stability. However, on the other hand, unpredictable environments like Eastern Europe or the Middle East threaten the company’s activity. Furthermore, rising foreign trade taxes may affect Amazon, like the cybersecurity failure.

  1. Economic factors

Sometimes, high prices for the products, together with increasing shipping costs, scare away company clients. This issue is topical for Amazon, especially in developing countries. However, automatizing the processes can help this company save costs and set lower prices. A more influential factor for Amazon is competition with Aliexpress or Walmart. They have the potential to take over the market in Asian countries and the USA correspondingly.

  1. Social factors

Depending on the average income, Amazon sales might differ from country to country. More developed countries generally have a bigger percentage of citizens who use e-commerce. Furthermore, online shopping has become a large cultural phenomenon since the beginning of lockdowns. As a result, people got used to receiving their packages without going outside, which positively affected Amazon’s revenues. At the same time, too many company employees are losing their jobs because of automatization, which is a negative factor.

  1. Technological factors

Technology and innovations are sure something that Amazon implements where it is possible. Since delivery is the company’s main service, the management attempts to make the process more efficient. Everything here revolves around creativity. Customers from developed regions can even receive groceries through drones. Another improvement is the possibility to talk to customer service through live chats or e-mails. Overall, Amazon constantly invests in its R&D department.

  1. Legal factors

Legal matters are one of the most complicated, as every country has different requirements for foreign business activity. Amazon strictly follows consumer and employment laws to avoid tarnishing its reputation and bearing losses. Still, there are controversial situations where this business has to change its strategy. First, the counterfeit accusations can obstruct Amazon’s activity. Selling fake goods is legally punishable in most countries. Also, governments might suspect that Amazon collects consumer data underhandedly.

  1. Environmental factors

The examination of Amazon’s ecological strategy proves that this business cares about its effect on the environment. Even though e-commerce produces fewer emissions than shopping in brick-and-mortar shops, the change is still necessary. To become more environmentally friendly, Amazon encourages its clients to choose longer delivery options since quick shipment is bad for the ecology. Such initiatives improve the brand image and strengthen customer loyalty.

Altogether Amazons PESTLE analysis digs out the needed information about the company’s activity. The final objective is to assess the effect of the environment on this brand and to find the best solutions for arising issues.

How do PESTLE Factors Affect a Business

Indeed, the lack of market research usually backfires with the sudden obstacles in the company’s way. Our economics essay writing service recommends using PESTLE analysis for businesses to make efficient decisions. Originally, every PESTLE analysis template contained several factors influencing companies worldwide. Like so, political circumstances might encourage or prohibit a firm from working in a country by enforcing the law, which is another category.

Next, economic strength impacts the demand for products and prices for raw materials. On top of that, socio-cultural specifics determine whether the s and services can be popular. Another subject of analysis is the level of technology, which should be enough for an innovative enterprise. Finally, the state of local ecology affects foreign business too. The company must be responsible for any potential harm to nature.

SWOT and PESTLE: Difference


You could have heard of two equally popular abbreviations, SWOT and PESTLE. In a nutshell, both of them relate to business and marketing. At first, these frameworks might seem a bit similar, but they do differ. For instance, if you look at the PESTLE analysis definition, you can see that it covers only the macro environment where a business operates. At the same time, SWOT examines internal factors like strengths and weaknesses and external determinants like opportunities and threats.

How does our admission essay service compare the two methods? The thing is, both of them are essential. It is worth mentioning that SWOT analysis suits new brands and products more, while PESTLE analysis works better for expanding businesses.

Why Is PEST Analysis Useful for Business

Granted that company owners think of expansion, they have to consider everything. In such situations, PESTLE analysis for business is an awesome way to study unknown markets. The framework covers every detail that can potentially boost or disrupt business activity. On the contrary, superficial analysis is ineffective as it often misses economic, cultural, or legal specifics. Moreover, changes can happen overnight, so PESTLE analysis should be recurring.

A key goal of the market examination is minimizing dangers for a company. Analyzing the current situation in a country, along with its previous experiences, gives a hint of future events. However, certain circumstances, like natural disasters or international conflicts, are impossible to predict. That is why management should have a backup plan just in case.

In conclusion, any PESTLE analysis template gives companies recommendations regarding their foreign strategy. Furthermore, the study is thorough, so you can get help from a business essay writing service that always finishes work on time. Finally, preparation gives a clear view of the best direction for a company in a world of endless possibilities.

How to Write a Cover Letter for Internship 2022

How to Write a Cover Letter for Internship 2022

So, you’re considering applying as an intern for a company you like. Now you have to figure out how to write a cover letter for an internship to make sure you are given the proper consideration you deserve. This might be pretty scary, especially if you go for it for the first time. But in reality, there is nothing complicated about it. You just have to follow a set of guidelines, throw in some flair, and learn some very straightforward tricks, and your cover letter will vastly increase your chances of landing that internship you’ve been gunning for. And if you don’t have the time for it, a paper writer service may be able to help you out.

Not that there is a distinction between knowing how to write a cover letter for a job and how to write a cover letter for an internship. We’ll talk more about it later in the article. For now, just keep in mind that writing a cover letter for internship with no experience is an art of its own.

What Is a Cover Letter for an Internship?

So what is a cover letter for an internship? A cover letter for internship positions is, first and foremost, an opportunity to communicate directly to your hiring manager before you even meet. This is your chance to show you worth. And if you can do it in this compact format, you’ll definitely be of interest to the company you’re applying for. It’s an art every job seeker has to master, but it is definitely worth it.

What Is a Cover Letter for a Job?

What is the difference between a cover letter for an internship and a cover letter for a job? Well, the most important thing is your leverage. As a full-fledged professional, you have (in theory) enough skills and qualifications to sell yourself to the company. As an intern, you fully embrace your lack of experience and take a slightly different approach when you try to convince the hiring manager to take you on.

Best Cover Letter Strategies

Choosing the right strategy is pretty important when applying for any job virtually. In this regard, a cover letter for accounting internship positions is no different than, say, one for a designer job. In order to choose the right approach, you have to understand human thinking.

Most of the decisions we make during the day are sporadic and intuitive. Dictated more so by the force of habit and experience than actual analysis. This is why it can be pretty hard to capture the attention of someone who goes through dozens of applications on a daily basis. Your job when writing a cover letter is to trip the reader up. Make them slow down and consider where they are and what they are doing. Once their routine is broken – they’ll see your cover letter in an entirely different light.

What Format Should a Cover Letter for an Internship Be?

When you are writing a cover letter for an internship with no experience, your best bet would be to follow the format strictly. Very few people can afford some sort of deviation from the beaten path. But before you go down that road, you should make sure you absolutely know what you’re doing. And by that time, you are likely looking for a full-fledged job instead of an internship.

All very simple, isn’t it? If you’re not sure about whether you did everything right, you can simply use a cover letter builder. It will give you something to work with.

Cover letter for an Internship Outline

Let’s look at the cover letter for internship outline a little bit closer.

A cover letter should never take more than one page. The header is the part that interns most often overlook. Sure, its contents may depend on the company you are applying to. In a more relaxed atmosphere, dropping the header altogether may be more practical to save your recruiter some time and help them get to the good stuff quicker. However, if a big and formal company wants you to show you can strictly follow formal rules – it’s better to stick to the general guidelines. You may also want to elect the former option if you are not sure whether or not an informal header would be fitting.

The introduction should set up a solid foundation and capture the attention of your audience. This is the perfect place to put something unusual or impressive. Show off your specific achievements or whip up some obscure research about the company and its values you did.

Writing a cover letter body is its own topic, so we better skip it to address it in more detail later. However, the conclusion should be covered. Try to briefly summarize what you’ve written so far and drive home the point that you are actually the person they are looking for.

Here is a short checklist for you to follow when filling out your cover letter for internship outline:

  • Header with your contact information (you can also put employer contact information here)
  • Formal greeting (throw the recruiter’s name in if possible)
  • Introduction paragraph (hook the reader, make them invested)
  • Body paragraphs
  1. Relevant skills and qualifications
  2. Your values and motivation
  3. Any relevant experience
  • Conclusion (Add a strong call to action here)
  • Formal exit (use common phrases)

Cover Letter Template

Looking at cover letter for internship examples and emulating their style is probably the best way to learn how to write great cover letters yourself. You can find plenty of good cover letter examples online on your own. But we’ve compiled two cover letter templates for you to get inspired by so that you wouldn’t have to waste your time searching far and wide for them. And if you want to look for a cover letter example more fitting to your situation – feel free to do it. So here are the cover letter examples we recommend looking over before you start writing your own:

How to Write a Nursing Essay Paragraph by Paragraph

How to Write a Nursing Essay Paragraph by Paragraph

Writing a nursing essay gets easier if you understand the overall structure of the essay. Whereas the tone and style of a nursing essay are more formal and academic than other essays it still loosely follows the five-paragraph structure of essay writing. You start with an introduction, followed by three body paragraphs, and finally a conclusion. Depending on the word count, a nursing essay may have just one body paragraph or as many as necessary.

Nursing Essay Introduction

As with any introduction the goal is to engage the reader and explain to them what the essay will be about. Your first sentence should be a hook – an interesting fact or question that piques the reader’s interest and makes them want to continue reading. Follow this up with background information related to your topic that will help them understand what the paper will be about and what kind of information they need to know. Next comes your thesis statement. This is a one-sentence explanation of the purpose of your paper, what claim you are making, what your argument is, or what you want to persuade the reader of.

A thesis statement is the most important sentence in the introduction paragraph if not the entire essay. Make sure you craft a thesis statement that fits your topic and make sure that the body paragraphs provide evidence to back up your thesis statement. You can end the introduction paragraph with your thesis statement or include a brief one-sentence transition to the body paragraphs.

Nursing Essay Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs are where you provide supporting information and build your case. Each body paragraph should start with a topic sentence that clearly states what the paragraph will be about. The next sentence should explain how the information relates to the thesis statement. The rest of the body paragraph should present correctly cited evidence from reputable sources. You should end a body paragraph with a transition sentence to increase readability and cohesiveness.

Keep in mind that each body paragraph should only explore one main supporting point. Having too much information about different aspects of an issue can be confusing to the reader. Every piece of information you include in a body paragraph should be relevant to the topic sentence as well as connected to the claim you are making in your thesis statement.

As you write your body paragraphs you may come across new pieces of information or make connections that you did not see in the outlining phase. This is to be expected. Don’t hesitate to move information around, remove certain pieces of information, or incorporate new research.

Nursing Essay Conclusion

The conclusion is your opportunity to show the reader how everything is connected. Summarize the main points and the strongest pieces of evidence. Then restate the thesis and explain how everything fits together. Don’t explain too much though because your main conclusions should be self-evident through the arguments you have been building in the body paragraphs. Do not bring up any new pieces of research in a conclusion! This can potentially confuse a reader. You can end the conclusion by suggesting possible further research areas or by posing an interesting question.

Nursing Essay Outline

An essay outline is one of the best planning tools for any type of writing. It is crucial for nursing essays because an outline helps organize research and a nursing essay is very content-heavy and research-based. An outline also helps you visualize the information you collect and plan out the final essay. As you conduct research, fill up the outline with key pieces of information and make sure to include citations. Remember, an outline is just for you so feel free to change it around as much as you want – think of it as a planning tool.

  • Introduction paragraph
  • Hook
  • Background information
  • Thesis statement
  • Transition sentence
  • Body paragraph 1
  • Topic sentence about the first subtopic or supporting claim
  • Evidence, data, and facts
  • Transition to the second body paragraph
  • Body paragraph 2
  • Topic sentence about the second subtopic or supporting claim
  • Evidence, data, and facts
  • Transition to the third body paragraph
  • Body paragraph 3
  • Topic sentence about the third subtopic or supporting claim
  • Evidence, data, and facts
  • Transition to the conclusion
  • Conclusion
  • Summary of the main ideas
  • Restate the thesis statement
  • Final thoughts

Nursing Essay Topics

Depending on your program and specialty you may have nursing essay topics that you already want to talk about, but if you are writing an application essay for nursing school the choice of topic becomes more complicated. Here are the most important things to think about when coming up with potential topics.

  • Choose a topic that you feel interested in.
  • Choose a topic that you know will be of interest to the reader.
  • Make sure your topic has enough reputable sources to cite.
  • Don’t make your topic too broad or too narrow.
  • Don’t just go for the first topic you think of, spend some time brainstorming and researching.

10 Nursing Essay Topics

Another way to find a topic is to go over essay topics lists. You can either choose a topic directly from the list or use it as a source of inspiration to come up with your own.

Here are 10 topics for nursing essays that we recommend you consider.

  • Should nurses be allowed to prescribe medication?
  • An analysis of nursing requirements in various countries
  • What are the challenges of being a trauma nurse?
  • What are the new theories for standard nursing procedures?
  • Compare and contrast nursing for geriatrics versus infants
  • What are the challenges of nursing in developing countries?
  • Explain the steps of a basic procedure
  • What is the importance of psychological training in the nursing profession?
  • Practical ways to improve efficiency in a hospital.
  • How to deal with the pressures of being a nurse.

Nursing Essay Examples

Another great way of getting inspiration is by reading a few nursing essay examples. Reading examples can show you the types of issues people write about and give you a sense of how to structure your own essay. Nursing essay examples can also be a good way of finding sources, but make sure that you do not copy and paste sections from an essay example because this would be considered plagiarizing.

If you need help with an essay, use our nursing writing services and get your work done asap.

Refining Your Drafts

The process of developing your nursing profession essay follows a pyramid scheme. Start with a rough draft by building your paper with every single piece of data you have access too. Then, as you progress forward, narrow it down to the most crucial to your topic information.

Evidence-Based RUA

Advocating for patients’ need for basic care and comfort is pivotal in nursing practice. Healthcare professionals should ensure that patients are not harmed in the healthcare setting as it is supposed to provide healing and comfort. To achieve it, nurses should ensure that nursing care is holistic and multidimensionally. Comfort is defined by patients’ quality of life and experiences. In the healthcare setting, unwarranted variability in care should be reduced because comfort is a vital aspect of patient-centered care (Wensley et al., 2020). 

Nursing essay

In Nursing, communication is crucial in that it facilitates the improvement of outcomes, fosters relationships, and helps in facilitating effective teamwork. When carrying out nursing activities, information is needed from the patient for the nurses to offer care that will lead to achieving the best outcomes. There is some information that patients might not be ready to release unless a nurse compels them to do so, such compelling exercise cannot only be achieved through good communication and trust between the two parties (Kourkouta, & Papathanasiou, 2014).

How to Write a Good Nursing Essay

How to Write a Good Nursing Essay

Since a nursing essay is so different from the kinds of essays many people have written before, writing a nursing essay can feel overwhelming. More than most kinds of writing, it requires attention to detail, scientific accuracy, thoroughly conducted research, and well-sourced citations, all while still communicating an idea clearly. Any daunting task is made easier by breaking it up into smaller steps, and at its core, a nursing essay is not really that different from any other type of writing. Here’s what you should do step-by-step if you need to write a nursing essay.

Carefully read the assignment.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you understand exactly what is required from you. The prompt may specify the kinds of topics you should explore and how you are supposed to analyze a topic. It will usually also include a word count, expectations for the quality of sources, and required citation style (usually MLA format for nursing essays). This information will guide your entire essay and making a mistake will cost you, so go over the assignment carefully.

Choose a topic

Think about a few different possible topics and do some research on them to find out what information is available. Consider your audience and think about what they would find appealing but make sure that any topic you think about is personally interesting as well. Narrow your list of topics down to 2 or 3 and then delve deeper before finally choosing one.

Analyze and outline

An outline is an essential tool for organizing research and structuring your essay. You can either create your own outline or use a template (a nursing essay outline is available later on). An outline helps you picture the overall flow of the essay and is a fantastic way of keeping track of important information found during research.

Conduct research

Make sure you stick to reputable sources. For a nursing essay, this will usually be academic and scientific papers and medical journals. Sort the information you find into your outline, making sure to include citations to keep track of where the information came from and to make the bibliography easier.

Write the introduction

The introduction paragraph is where you tell the reader what your paper will be about and why it is important while giving some background information. It is often easier to write an introduction paragraph after you have written the body paragraphs because after writing the body paragraphs you will have a better idea of what background information to give. That being said, you should write your thesis statement at this point in time. A thesis statement is a one-sentence description of what the paperwork will be about. It is what guides the rest of your paper so make sure you spend time crafting a good thesis statement!

Write the body paragraphs

Depending on the word count you can have between 1 and 5 body paragraphs. Each body paragraph should talk solely about 1 sub-point of the main topic. This makes sure that the essay is easy to understand and flows well.

Write the conclusion

The conclusion is where you summarize the main points in the body paragraphs and restate the thesis statement to remind the reader how they are all connected. You can end a conclusion with possible areas for further research, interesting questions to ponder, or by explaining why your topic or findings are important.

Edit, proofread, and submit

Don’t be afraid to change sections, add information, or remove information after writing your first draft. You may see better ways of presenting your research or new connections will arise while writing the essay. Once you are happy with a final draft, proofread the paper for formatting errors, spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, etc. Ask a friend or family member to go over the paper for a final check and then submit it!

‘If only I could hire someone to do my homework!’ – you may think while being overwhelmed. Get help from the best essay writers.

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Meeting your requirements is an essential part of working on the essay or providing a dissertation writing service as it can make or break your final score.

  • Give as Much Information as You Can

The more information you provide, the better result you get when you order essay. Don’t forget to include any relevant sources you want to be used. Simply share some examples of papers you have written, and your expert will mimic your writing style.

  • Set the Deadline

Remember, the further away the due date, the lower the price to order essays. Use our double deadline feature: the first deadline is for the writer, and the second one is for the final date for your project. With this feature, you can be 100% sure that you’ll get your work back on time.

Step 2

Choose Your Writer and Make a Deposit

Once you’ve filled out the order form, it’s time to pick a writer.

  • Check Writers’ Profiles and Chat With Them

Writers will make bids for your work. Read their profiles, see how many orders they’ve completed and look at customer reviews. You can even directly chat to them before choosing the one that’s best for your essay orders.

  • Make a Deposit

When you order essay online, you need to top up your balance for your writer to start. No worries, funds won’t be withdrawn from your account. You can request a refund anytime before hiring our write my essay expert. After hiring, a deposit goes to the writer, and the rest is held as a guarantee. Only you can release your funds.

Step 3

Check Your Paper & Pay

Once your paper is ready, you will receive an email notification. Check the paper and request any edits if needed — it’s completely free when you order an essay with us!

  • Request a Free Report on Originality

If you want to be sure that your paper is 100% original, you can request a report on originality, which will be attached to your order upon completion.

  • Make Your Payment and Leave a Review

Once you’re completely satisfied with the final version and want to buy essay, release the complete payment to your writer. If you think your writer did a great job, we encourage you to leave a review; it helps others who want to order an essay online.