Key Sociology Theorists Chapter Exam

This sociologist believed that knowledge was the crucial element to social change, and that it is the job of social scientists to connect individual problems with greater social issues in order to create changes that would solve these problems.

C. Wright Mills
Herbert Spencer
Charles Cooley
Karl Marx
A _____ is an organization with a well-defined formal hierarchy and chain of command, with competence rather than personality as the basis for job appointment.

This sociologist developed the functional perspective theory of society, which views society as an organism with various parts that each have a function to perform.

Robert Merton
Erving Goffman
W.E.B. Du Bois
Karl Marx
W.E.B. Du Bois developed the idea of _____, which explained what it was like for black people living in a white world.

double consciousness
double impression
racial consciousness
All of the following statements concerning Karl Marx and his works and ideas are true, EXCEPT:

He disagreed with capitalism because he believed it would lead to a wider gap between the rich and poor.
He believed that social class determined a person’s social life, and that the people who owned modes of production would control the lower working class.
All of the answer choices are true.
The revolutions he hoped for in large industrial countries such as Germany did not occur due to factors like the development of labor unions.